Toss Like a Boss

Let us show you how to make and bake the perfect pizza.

Get Ready To Rock!

If refrigerated, place dough out 30-60 minutes prior to baking.
Flour working surface to begin.

What Do I Need In My Pizza Tool Kit?

  • A Dewey’s Take and Make pizza kit
    • Place dough out 30-60 minutes prior to baking
  • Your baking/cookie sheet or pizza stone. If you’re using a rectangle cookie sheet, turn the sheet upside down
  • A spoon for spreading that delicious sauce
  • A touch of flour
  • Pizza cutter (or not, we won’t judge if you want to keep it one huge slice)
  • Pizza-making playlist
  • Need inspo? We have a playlist below!


  • Preheat oven to 450° (if using a pizza stone, preheat as well)
  • Stretch and toss dough to approximately 11″, 13” or 17″ depending on the dough ball purchased (Tip: Take & Make pizza kits come in a 13″ pizza box and can be used as tool for sizing)
    • If you want to toss like a boss, watch our videos above
  • Top pizza evenly with sauce (be sure to keep a slight edge to your dough)
  • Next, add cheese and do it with flair…salt bae style
  • Finally, top with your favorite ingredients
  • Bake for 9-12 minutes, or until preferred crust doneness

The night isn’t complete without some tunes.

Visit our Spotify playlist, turn up the volume and have fun!


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a woman proudly showing off her baked pepperoni pizza

a woman adding sauce to a pizza dough

pizzas sliced on a cutting board.

person adding pepperonis to a pizza

the Dewey's Pizza maker kit

hands streach out a pizza dough